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Trusted and Safe Duct Fogging Services

Your AC ducts can be often overlooked. What you don’t know won’t hurt, the adage goes, but that isn’t always the case. Getting a duct cleaning is necessary but a duct fogging shepherds in twice the benefits. Our proficient HVAC technician uses cutting-edge technology and time-tested solutions when performing a duct fogging service. We verify that our environmentally safe duct fogging methods kill the presence of germs and viral traces that one cannot see but carry harm to those indoors. Additionally, our duct fogging not only rids the bacteria but prevents them from producing.

Benefitting From Healthier Recirculated Air

Breathing in air exposed to mold, mildew, dust and other potentially harmful particles has its long-term harmful effects. If you’re concerned about your indoor quality air and the safety and wellness of those who live or work with you, then turn to our HVAC company that offers duct fogging services. Our duct fogging has proven to

  • Prevent bacteria and fungi from returning
  • Serves as a sealant to deter bacteria
  • Controls odor
  • Brings in enhanced quality indoor air
  • Serves as a pest control

Our FL HVAC company has worked on many major manufactured HVAC systems. So, have certainty in hiring us for your air duct fogging service if you’re looking to increase better air flow; keep debris, mold and other bacteria away; and minimize utility bills. We at Alien Air provide reliable and results-driven duct fogging service in Brandon, where we have helped dozens of residential and commercial customers.

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