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Shedding Light on UV Lights

Many of our customers aren’t acquainted with UV lights and how they benefit their heating and cooling systems. However, Alien Air is pleased to keep you informed on how these ultraviolet lights are exceptional at sterilizing your HVAC system. To learn how capable these germicidal UV radiation lights are at immensely reducing airborne fungi from forming, minimizing clogging in condensate drain lines and keeping your coils cleaned, then call our HVAC company today.

Types of UV Lights for HVAC Systems

As you wrap your head around how UV lights can sanitize your HVAC systems, we’ll introduce to you the main ways it can. We specialize in two UV light solutions, all geared to sterilize your system and further protect you.

  • Coil Sanitizing Lights
  • Air Sanitizing Lights

Faithfully serving FL, Alien Air will be thrilled to inform you on how UV lights can sterilize your system and defend you from airborne germs and mold. Begin killing volatile organic compounds like germs, odor and other bacteria inside your units with our Brandon UV light HVAC professionals on your side.

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